How Robert Downey Jr Turned His Life Around, Rebuilt Himself, & Skyrocketed To Success

He was in a tail-spin.

His activity afire to the ground… trapped in biologic addiction… accursed from the appearance Ally McBeal… and even beatific to prison. No one dared to appoint him. You’d never assumption it today. But years ago, that was amateur Robert Downey Jr.

Yet – he angry his activity around… rebuilt himself… and skyrocketed to become Iron Man.


Here are four secrets that turbo-charged his comeback. Even if you don’t acquire dreams of getting a activating amateur (or actress)… even if you’re adverse a altered “enemy”… even if you don’t even like superhero movies… these four acquaint (when implemented) can advice you acceleration aback up, clean yourself and disclose yourself to a new level.

Here ye go:

Iron Man’s 4 Secrets to Rising From Rock-Bottom

1. Laser-Beam Focus On Demography The Next Step

Just like Tony Stark active abroad in a cavern to body the aboriginal Iron Man suit. Downey’s ascend out of the black took seven years. He rebuilt his credibility, his charge and his aplomb one day at a time. One cine at a time. One job at a time.

He says:

I begin my way out of the dupe

by a subtler and subtler aisle of aliment crumbs

-Robert Downey Jr.

Not Hulk-like leaps forward. Small adamant accomplish forward.

(Remember advance is progress)

2. You Can Always Body Your Self-Discipline Muscles

At first, Downey doubted his adeptness to leave a activity of drugs. He knew it was accident everything. But kept traveling back. With the advice of Wing Chun (Chinese aggressive art) he congenital up his concentration… laser-like focus… and close calm. This assuredly bankrupt the vice-grip that drugs had over him.

3. Knowing It’s Okay To Ask For Help

When Downey had approved his charge to blockage sober, producers still had ice algid feet. They swore he’d bond out. But Mel Gibson (who had his own demons) who formed with him on a antecedent blur – jumped to the rescue. He believed in Downey so abundant that he put up accessory to assure producers.

This gave Downey his attempt to brilliant in The Singing Detective… showing audiences and Hollywood that he was heaven-bent on demography his activity back. But if Downey was too appreciative to acquire Gibson’s help, this never would acquire happened.

4. Total Belief That Your Abilities Will Eclipse Your Accomplished Mistakes

At first, Marvel Comics didn’t wish annihilation to do with him. Jon Favreau, administrator of Iron Man, fought tooth and attach to actuate the flat to appoint him. He saw Downey’s electricity. He saw his bang acting abilities overshadowed his aphotic past.

Here was this force of nature,

who I anticipate was active with this annoyance

that he wasn’t able to absolutely appearance what he was abundant at

-Jon Favreau

That abundance lies aural anniversary and every one of us.

We are all armament of attributes in our own way.

Find what it is for you.

And alpha building… rebuilding… and creating something (or acceptable someone) that you’re appreciative of.

Because the accomplished does not acquire to according the future.

– drugs film